It is ironic that any run on sterling, caused by Brexit uncertainty, will make it more attractive for overseas investors with spare dollars or euros to buy property and businesses here in the UK – and continuing to choke supply for first time buyers and the owners of micro and small businesses looking to get onto the property ladder or buy their first commercial premises.

Whilst it is good news that foreign investors will continue to want to buy into the UK property market, especially in the light of Brexit and the uncertainties of life after 1 April 2019, we do need to ensure that domestic buyers still have the chance to get onto, or further up, the residential or commercial property ladder.

With this in mind my new guide, A View From the Northern Line, will help members of One Silk Road, IBA Bulgaria and Mike Frisby Wealth Creation to keep an eye on attractive property opportunities in 2019, not only in central London, but in Liverpool and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (where you still get much more for your money).

Initially Bob Hyatt of Hyatt On Property will provide some excellent Christmas gifts: details of investment properties in Rodney Street, Liverpool, which may be coming onto the market and would make ideal longer-term investments for “the Bank of Mum and Dad” or their SIPP or SSAS pension funds.

For those who would like to be added to the quarterly mailing list please email me (tonyh@hsllaw.co.uk), but in the meantime Edward Towers of Aykroyd & Co stresses the importance and advantage of instructing a purchaser’s agent with detailed knowledge of and connecitons in the Prime Central London residential market.

We are not sending Christmas cards this year, but instead will be making a donation to Paul Renney’s favourite charity, Byte Night – let’s all hope that the festive period sees the return of some much needed Christmas cheer and goodwill.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… and now, over to you Edward (download his guide here).

Tony Houghton