Now that’s what I call progress

Love it or loathe it — there isn’t a middle ground with HS2 — the high speed link between London, Birmingham and the North is hardly out of the news. And, for good reason. Taxpayers’ money to the tune of what was initially a £33billion scheme, may well ending being double that figure; some have […]

Don’t become a liability

With the EU-phoria of the World Cup journey dissipating and the long and twisting road leading to Brexit ahead, Tony Sampson Consultant Solicitor and Insolvency Practitioner at Keystone Law issues a timely warning about the importance of keeping on top of cashflow in what could be turbulent seas ahead. The benefits of being a director […]

A view from the stand

On the day that gracious tributes were being paid to the late Cyrille Regis; Arsenal convincingly beat Crystal Palace and Watford’s defeat at Leicester signified the end of their manager’s short reign at Vicarage Road… I was reminded of the comment made by Terry Neill, the former Gunners’ player and manager — that you didn’t […]

Why wait for the New Year to make (business) resolutions?

Simon Turton, of Opera Public Relations, considers why we struggle to maintain our New Year resolutions. It’s commonly understood that robins return to the UK in time for Christmas, which must be true because we only see these attractive little orange-breasted birds at this time of year. And, to quickly digress, if you’ve ever wondered […]

Let’s Spend the [Byte] Night Together

Over the last 20 or so years I reckon that I have probably dealt with about 4000 cases helping people to buy their dream home and owners of small and medium-sized family enterprises find the perfect accommodation for their business. It, therefore, came as a bit of a shock when I recently read that homelessness […]

The ghosts of retail past

Simon Turton of Opera Public Relations considers how re-imagined town centres could help to provide much-needed housing and would create reinvigorated urban spaces that are once again a pleasure to visit.     When my parents married in the early 1960s just about everything they needed — from sardines to screwdrivers and from lightbulbs to […]

Property Investors Network

Mike Frisby, host of the Regent’s Park Property Investors Network, introduces the organisation and explains how it has helped him to grow his property portfolio. The Property Investors Network (pin) was established in 2003 by Simon Zutshi, who purchased his first property back in 1995 whilst working for Cadbury’s in Birmingham as a graduate trainee. […]

All that glisters…

You’re in your local restaurant after work having a relaxing meal and your waiter asks whether you’d be interested in investing in a property with him and the other diners. What would you say? Chances are you’d tell him to serve the coffees, then pay the bill and leave. But this scenario is exactly what […]