Gimme shelter… please

It’s interesting to see that a central London property previously owned by a former Rolling Stone is currently on the market for well over £2,000,000. If the celebrity association helps in the search for a buyer then all well and good. But, it’s also interesting to read that whilst the number of those who are […]

Plus ça change…

Many micro and small business owners are probably like me: currently suffering from information overload following the recent referendum result. As Deri Llewellyn-Davies of BGI Strategy, frequently points out, the advantage of being such an owner is that you can be nimble and quick on decision-taking – the disadvantage (compared to larger businesses)is that the […]

Buying property through your personal pension scheme: pros & cons

With the advent of auto-enrolment, pensions have never been more in the spotlight from a family business perspective. Here John Moore of Blackstone Moregate highlights some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a commercial property or land with a personal pension.   There are now so many different ways to invest in property, whether […]

Extending Residential Leases

Although central London agents are reporting that prices in the prime areas are “softening”, flats and houses there, and indeed across much of the South East, remain expensive. An often neglected and misunderstood way of adding value to a leasehold property can be by acquiring a lease extension but as so often in real estate […]

Property Investors Network

Mike Frisby, host of the Regent’s Park Property Investors Network, introduces the organisation and explains how it has helped him to grow his property portfolio. The Property Investors Network (pin) was established in 2003 by Simon Zutshi, who purchased his first property back in 1995 whilst working for Cadbury’s in Birmingham as a graduate trainee. […]

Home Sweet (Care) Home?

Solicitors regularly receive requests from adults with elderly parents or from parents themselves who wish to settle properties in trust, in such a way that the parents retain occupancy rights whilst saving possible future care home fees. However, many firms of solicitors have taken a decision not to act in such cases and clients are […]