Gimme shelter revisited: the under invested

It doesn’t get much better than being part of an 80,000 crowd at the London Stadium on a beautiful May evening, listening to the poignant opening notes of “Gimme Shelter” ringing out under the darkening skies.  That same week it was announced that Country Garden, a global property developer that specialises in so called “Meta […]

Guanxi: can you afford to ignore it?

“What is guanxi?” you may ask. It is a Chinese concept that refers to those personal networks and relationships through which you have an influence for mutual benefit. There is no direct translation into English, but guanxi also incorporates the advantages that such relationships can have and as such is very important in helping to […]

Spring into action

With the first signs of spring (!) comes the question in the minds of most UK property watchers — both new and experienced, here and overseas — “Will 2018 be the year to Buy, Hold or Sell?” Whilst most people would agree that the UK property market operates under different rules from the rest of […]

See How Your (Micro) Garden Grows

When looking to sell or rent a residential property we all know that the aroma of fresh coffee will do much to evoke a sense of home and will help those viewing the property to imagine they have already moved in. But well maintained and attractive window boxes or balcony planters will further enhance the […]

The sky’s the limit for property investors

Mike Frisby, is a successful property investor and developer, who also runs the Regent’s Park chapter of the Property Investors Network. He has put together his top tips for investing in houses of multiple occupancy (HMO), which we’re delighted to share with you. Mike has further tips that he will be sharing with you in […]

Candles in the wind

By the time I had completed the London Legal Walk on Monday 22 May, to raise funds for those who don’t have access to the legal system, a dreadful event was unfolding at the Manchester Arena. Our thoughts are with the families and friends that lost loved ones or who have been injured in the […]

Right of light: don’t be left in the dark

With the increasingly popular trend for extensions and home improvements — rather than incurring the (sometimes prohibitive) costs of moving home — comes the increased risk of affecting or otherwise impacting on a neighbouring property’s right of light. In this article, Rachel Ellison a senior paralegal at solicitors BTMK, considers a number of issues including: […]

Continental Drift

Now that Article 50 has finally been triggered, consultant solicitor, Tony Houghton, examines the likely impact in the commercial property field.   Some tenants may wish to relocate from UK Plc and walk away from their leasehold obligations, either by service of a tenant’s “break” clause on notice or allowing the lease of their shop […]

Heads in the Cloud?

In a fast-changing IT landscape, I’m pleased that cloud architect and technology consultant, Steve Ash of Virtual Logic, has agreed to shed some light on the cloud and what it can mean for your business now and in the future.   When we were asked to contribute an insider’s view of ‘the cloud’ to a […]

Strut Your Stuff in the Year of the Rooster

It may be a little late to wish all the best for 2017 and we’re four months on from the Islamic and Jewish new years (both fall towards the end of September), but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy, prosperous and interesting Chinese new year to all, which is […]