One Silk Road Property Development & Investment

One Silk Road Property Development & Investment brings together professionals operating in the property arena, encompaassing a range of skills and services, including property development, architecture and interior design, legal services, banking and finance and marketing consultancy. The latest brochure is available to view online here and if you would like to join this growing […]

This Scepter’d Isle

“Talking shop” is a pejorative term, although from time-to-time you can’t help wondering whether a little more “jaw jawing” between our political servants and a little less ill-considered action might not have been a more appropriate response to Brexit. However, it is what it is. Having said that, David Davis seems a jolly sort – […]

The ghosts of retail past

Simon Turton of Opera Public Relations considers how re-imagined town centres could help to provide much-needed housing and would create reinvigorated urban spaces that are once again a pleasure to visit.     When my parents married in the early 1960s just about everything they needed — from sardines to screwdrivers and from lightbulbs to […]

Herd it on the grapevine

In this brave new financial world of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, crowdfunding and crowdgiving, some worryingly familiar words and phrases are beginning to re-appear, such as: Bears and Bulls, Greed and Fear, Boom and Bust, and even “Pinocchio” mortgages (referring to self-certified loans). The other day I received an invitation to invest in a commercial property development […]