By the time I had completed the London Legal Walk on Monday 22 May, to raise funds for those who don’t have access to the legal system, a dreadful event was unfolding at the Manchester Arena. Our thoughts are with the families and friends that lost loved ones or who have been injured in the attack. 

For this year’s annual fundraising event, ten thousand members of the legal profession, including a team from Keystone Law, completed the 10km course to help raise much needed funds for the Law Society-sponsored National Pro Bono Initiative.

Nearly £800,000 was raised that night as a contribution to those who provide support and advice for the two thirds of the UK population who don’t know how to get legal support and for the 13 million people who can’t afford to pay for it.

Those who are excluded from the legal system include those trafficked into the UK to become domestic servants, sex workers or are otherwise exploited; those on zero hours contracts (who feel discriminated against or paid below the minimum wage); families living in poor quality housing and those suffering from mental illness and physical disabilities.

These are just some of the reasons why so many lawyers turned up to support the initiative. As stated on  Crowd Justice’s website www.crowdjustice.org says the aim is really to: “make the law available to everyone”.


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