Property Investors Network

Mike Frisby, host of the Regent’s Park Property Investors Network, introduces the organisation and explains how it has helped him to grow his property portfolio. The Property Investors Network (pin) was established in 2003 by Simon Zutshi, who purchased his first property back in 1995 whilst working for Cadbury’s in Birmingham as a graduate trainee. […]

A Commercial Property Journey

Tony Houghton considers some of the current issues facing business owners wanting to acquire UK commercial space and draws on the experience of Rob Martin (who runs London-based RMA DESIGN), one of his long-term clients. Even though it is now the site of a ventilation shaft for Crossrail, number 9 Fareham Street, in the heart of […]

Home Sweet (Care) Home?

Solicitors regularly receive requests from adults with elderly parents or from parents themselves who wish to settle properties in trust, in such a way that the parents retain occupancy rights whilst saving possible future care home fees. However, many firms of solicitors have taken a decision not to act in such cases and clients are […]

All that glisters…

You’re in your local restaurant after work having a relaxing meal and your waiter asks whether you’d be interested in investing in a property with him and the other diners. What would you say? Chances are you’d tell him to serve the coffees, then pay the bill and leave. But this scenario is exactly what […]